Remote Driver Enclosure

To complement the Verso, specifically designed IP66 tunnel specification remote driver enclosures can house up to ten electronic DALI drivers and can be mounted up to 50m away from the Verso light engine. Any ancillary lighting control components can also be mounted within the enclosure and facilitates mains cabling, DALI and RS485 connections. Working with the project team of consultants and contractors, TRT provides full schedules of driver programs, mains input phase balancing and overall control system design / support before any products are delivered to site.


Ingress Protection Rating

IP66 Ingress Protection

Impact Protection Rating

IK10 Impact Resistance


22 kg Weight

Wind Area

N/A Wind Area

Electrical Class

I Electrical Class

Minimum Ambient

-20°C Minimum Ambient

Maximum Ambient

55°C Maximum Ambient

Light Source

N/A Light Source


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TRT Lighting supports, promotes and uses Relux Tunnel for all road tunnel lighting calculations. The free version of this software package is available for download from

Photometrics are not available for download, please contact our Tunnel Lighting Department.