Our Products

As a 100% LED company, we have incorporated and developed the latest technologies into our luminaires to ensure product longevity while operating as efficiently as possible throughout its lifetime.

When evaluating our environmental credentials, the energy consumption during the operation of our luminaires has the greatest impact. A variety of control and dimming options enable onsite power adjustment of gear and LED output reducing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills.

With a circular economy design, TRT’s robust products are manufactured from LM6 aluminium with polyester powder coating (1000hrs salt spray compliant), simple upgrades/retrofits and easily replaceable key components minimises the need for any future parts and costs.

Our Manufacturing

100% of our luminaires are manufactured in our UK-based production facility in Redditch, Worcestershire allowing complete control of our activities and processes. Multi-millions of pounds of investment have seen our Redditch site develop over the years bringing various processes in house.

A fully automated environmentally friendly pre-treatment and powder coating facility provides us with maximum flexibility on product colours and finishes plus our dedicated clean room, which houses our state of the art SMT production line producing all LED PCBs used in our products, allows us to closely manage and control our activities & product developments.

Our Packaging

TRT is working tirelessly to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the use of plastics in our packaging.

By changing the materials used within our packaging such as, by switching to biodegradable pallet wrap, TRT are reducing embodied carbon (CO₂e/kg) by 43% pa.

Vinyl tape has been replaced by an FSC certified paper-based alternative and all cardboard packaging, including edge protectors for pallets, is made from recycled and FSC certified sources.

For many years, TRT has offered a “collect and reuse” scheme for packaging materials, in which we collect used packaging and return it to TRT to be reused or recycled, alleviating the client’s burden and helping customers work towards a circular economy within their supply chain.

Our Waste Management & WEEE

Waste management has always been and continues to be closely monitored to ensure that we continuously improve our resource efficiency and, as a result, reduce our waste. More than 90% of the waste currently generated on site is recycled with a target to increase this to over 95% by the end of 2024.

In addition to the on-site waste management, we fully understand our end-of-life product obligations in line with the UK WEEE Regulations 2006 and, as such, ensure we are covered through membership of a registered compliance scheme. Please see https://www.trtlighting.co.uk/weee.

Our Electricity Consumption

In line with the FW Thorpe carbon reduction initiatives, TRT has installed solar photovoltaic (PV) units on the roof of our manufacturing site to harness & utilise as much natural energy as possible. The power generated by the PV arrays is distributed across the business providing power to the plant and machinery whilst also charging our fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles.

In addition to the power generated by our PV arrays, all purchased electricity now comes from renewable sources thus deeming 100% of our electricity consumption to be from renewable energy.

Our Vehicles

TRT uses its delivery vehicles in the most energy-efficient manner and emitting the fewest emissions possible. In the last year, TRT has reduced the number of journeys by 7%, and mileage has decreased by 16%.

All company vehicles are Clean Air Zone and ULEZ (ultra-low emission zone) compliant.

With 80% of the company cars already being either hybrid or full electric, TRT has a proactive policy in place to increase this percentage over the coming years.

On-site EV charging points allows both employees and visitors to charge their vehicles on TRT’s premises.