TRT strives to provide a safe, happy, healthy, and rewarding work environment for all of its employees.

As a responsible business, the company recognises that the commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends beyond the immediate site operations to employees and the community in which it’s located. As a result, TRT takes a proactive approach to employee and community engagement.


A happy, productive workforce is essential to the continuation of the impressive growth that TRT has enjoyed over the past 10 years, as well as our ambition to be at the heart of future sustainable lighting solutions.

TRT have provided an extensive and independent employee assistance programme that includes access to a range of social, medical and mental health support initiatives.

The company also understands the link between healthy eating and employee wellbeing. Therefore, positive steps have been taken to ensure that there is a range of healthy drinks and snacks available from site vending machines, as well as a range of facilities for those who wish to prepare their own meals.

Mental Health

As an employer, TRT recognises the impact that recent years has had on the health and wellbeing of its teams and the importance of supporting its staff.

Our EAP (Employee Assistance Programme), for example, is available to all employees and offers confidential support any time of the day and night. TRT’s goal is to reduce workplace stress and create a safe and healthy working environment for our people.

Modern Slavery

TRT is vigilant to guard against the exploitation of individuals for personal or commercial gain. This includes, but is not limited to, human trafficking, coerced or forced labour and debt bondage. Carefully chosen supply chain elements are required to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct Declaration. The Group’s Modern Slavery Statement is produced annually and uploaded onto the Government website.

Employee Engagement

An Employee Engagement Committee has been established to encourage a diverse representation of ideas and input from all sections of the workforce. This allows TRT to capture a broad spectrum of ideas and feedback regarding matters such as health, safety, wellbeing, environmental management and sustainability.

All employees are encouraged to put forward ideas to develop and improve sustainability using the suggestion boxes on site. The Group offers formal recognition of the best ideas every 6 months via an internal award scheme. Participation is also encouraged with visits to the Group carbon sequestering scheme in Monmouthshire and an active sustainability committee.


Dedicated to the community in which TRT operate, employees are actively recruited from surrounding areas whenever possible, with more than 85% of our workforce residing within 5 miles of the site.

The environmental impact of the company’s workforce travelling to and from the site has been reduced by:

  • Staff walking to and from work wherever possible
  • The use of public transportation networks and e-scooters
  • Participating in car sharing
  • Providing charging points to encourage the adoption of hybrid or electric vehicles
  • Providing mobile workers with hybrid or fully electric vehicles

Charitable Concerns

TRT is actively involved with several charities (both locally and globally) to ensure that its resources are used to benefit the community more broadly. The company provides assistance through monetary donations, work experience placements, gift donations, and participation in fundraising campaigns.

Site Rewilding Project

In order to promote sustainability at a micro level and to make a positive contribution to eco-sustainability, TRT have recently initiated a small-scale rewilding project at its Redditch site.

This project is aimed at ensuring that TRT can play a part in connecting other local habitats by providing a stepping stone for plants, birds, insects and other wildlife.

The aim is to achieve both a practical result and to encourage future ‘Sustainability Champions’ within the business through the opportunity of a hands-on approach.

The largest of the three green spaces created will be used as an outdoor meeting area to promote the health and wellbeing of employees.

Supply Chain

As an ISO14001 certified company, TRT constantly monitors its environmental compliance and evaluates that of our suppliers. The company’s supply chain can have an important impact on its desire to be a responsible and sustainable business.

By balancing social value, environmental impact and competitive advantage the company aims to make the most responsible purchasing decisions.

TRT are committed to treating its suppliers fairly and equitably, while also collaborating with them to uphold ethical standards, reduce waste, conserve resources, and mutually reduce the carbon footprint of products and services. In practice, this means that purchasing decisions are guided by the integrated principles of people, planet, and profit.

By adopting a lifecycle perspective, TRT are also actively designing for a sustainable future by considering the materials used, how they are obtained and how they can be recovered and reused as we move towards a circular economy.

TRT always seek to work with likeminded suppliers and attempt to choose the most local option wherever possible to reduce carbon miles, whilst ensuring the most optimised and sustainable packaging materials.