2019 saw TRT invest in a new fully automated, energy efficient pre-treatment and powder coating plant which provides maximum flexibility on product colours and finishes. This facility consists of a five-stage pre-treatment plant that cleans and prepares products before being painted. All products are thoroughly washed down and cleaned within this facility to remove all surface contaminants and impurities before the powder paint is applied.

Chemicals used within the pre-treatment processes are free from chromates and iron phosphates and the processes utilise more environmentally friendly chemicals.

The paint powder used to coat the products is a polyester powder coat with a smooth semi-gloss finish.

During the powder coating process, overspray powder is immediately recovered and reused. The risk of powder escaping and contamination of the surroundings is reduced. This results in a cleaner and safer environment as well as increased efficiency.

All products painted within our powder coating facility pass the requirements of 1000 hour neutral salt spray testing and our internal QA processes ensure that all batches are inspected for paint thickness, surface finish, and paint adhesion before being approved and released for use.