What is Circularity?

  • Circularity is a strategy to become more sustainable
  • Circularity describes economic, technical, and environmental systems that aim to eliminate waste and maximise the reuse of resources
  • Circular systems make use of design, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishment and recycling to create a closed loop system, based on the ideal of preserving ‘virgin’ materials, reducing waste creation and maximising reuse of materials

By reusing products and materials, the embodied energy is retained.

Energy in Use

From an environmental point of view, the greatest impact of a luminaire is from its operating phase and, more specifically, in the amount of energy it consumes throughout its lifetime. So, the single greatest impact we can take, as a company, is to make our luminaires more efficient – produce more light for fewer watts and use less power in standby.

With good circular design, the creation of waste and pollution can be prevented right from the beginning.

What can TRT Lighting do?

TRT Lighting takes the above factors into key consideration when designing a product, in order to makes its new luminaires even more circular.

New product design follows our Group Circular Design Strategy.

In practice this means:

  • Using less material in the design
  • Optimising material utilisation
  • Choosing more sustainable materials
  • Making products as efficient as possible
  • Making products last even longer
  • Making products easier to repair
  • Making products easier to strip down and recycle at end of life