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Via Dark-Sky

5W to 14W


4W to 19W

X-Range Boost

69W to 355W

X-Range Interior

25W to 40W

X-Range Twin Boost

138W to 710W


LED Illuminated Complete Post

Crossafe Converter

Retrofit LED Illuminated Post

Crossafe HiLight

Retrofit LED Illuminated Centre Island Module

Crossafe HiLight Reflective

Retrofit Non-Illuminated Centre Island Module

Crossafe Mid

LED Illuminated Post & Mid Post Beacon

Crossafe Retro

Retrofit LED Illuminated Module

Crossafe Retro Reflective

Retrofit Non-Illuminated Module


9W Centre Island Standard Beacon


14W Centre Island High Visibility Beacon


5.9W Standard Beacon


14W High Visibility Beacon

ZebStar Mid

5.9W Mid Post Standard Beacon

ZebStar Mid+

14W Mid Post High Visibility Beacon


Wireless Exterior Lighting Control System


TRT Lighting is proud to be certified to the Lighting Industry Association Laboratories TSD-005 scheme for the Registration of Unmetered Supply Measurement Laboratories.

The main objective of the scheme is to provide an assurance of the validity of the power data measured by manufacturers when describing the performance of their lighting products for use in unmetered (UMS) applications. All current TRT product UMSUG codes can be found on the Elexon website.


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