Carbon Neutral & Made In Britain

TRT is committed to minimising the environmental impact of both its manufacturing processes and its products. However, even with the most responsible approach, some carbon dioxide (CO₂) will be released into the atmosphere as an indirect result of factory and selling activities and customers’ use of luminaires.

In 2009, the Group established an ambitious carbon offsetting scheme to help compensate for these emissions. The company has chosen to plant trees. Why trees? Trees and other plants absorb CO₂ during photosynthesis. One tree grown to maturity in open space can absorb approximately 1 tonne of CO₂ over its lifetime. A forest covering many acres can effectively lock up CO₂, creating a ‘carbon sink’. The scheme is now accredited under the Woodland Carbon Code. On its own land in Monmouthshire, Wales. To date 179,412 trees have been planted.

TRT has been independently assessed by a third party as being carbon neutral since 2012 in accordance with ISO 14064.

Proud to manufacture its products in Britain, TRT is also a member of Made In Britain and their Green Growth Programme.

LED Technology & SMT Facility

TRT designs, manufactures and tests the vast majority of its own LED electronic systems including the lenses for precise optical control. We carefully consider end of life scenarios, for example, LED failures, solder joint failures and isolated component failures to ensure new designs have on going system reliability even when individual components fail.

As part of the FW Thorpe group, our combined experience, running into thousands of years, ensures every aspect of lighting a space is carefully considered a requirement all the more important as LED lifetimes are now expected to reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours or even more!

A dedicated clean room was installed in 2017 which houses a state of the art SMT production line producing all LED PCBs and control PCBs used in our luminaires. This allows the company to closely manage and oversee its activities and developments. A placement speed of up to 45,000 components per hour provides a quick PCB sampling turnaround.

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Warranty & Technical Support

All TRT luminaires are covered by a minimum 10 year warranty (5 year for handrail lighting and EV charger). Customers can therefore purchase TRT luminaires with even more confidence.

Our team of Application Engineers and Technicians are able to answer any queries regarding TRT products and the use of these products in specific environments.