Wireless Exterior Lighting Control System

All Lumi-LinQ standard and emergency luminaires have in-built sensors which monitors performance, records energy and carbon savings as well as providing complete operational status information.

Platform 1

The Lumi-LinQ luminaires operate on a stand-alone basis and link wirelessly in groups for presence detection and scene setting.  Energy, carbon and operational data can be retrieved using the programmer. Emergency luminaires are self-testing with the most recent emergency test information also being accessible via the programmer.

Platform 2

As per Platform 1, however, the luminaires are wirelessly linked into a gateway which collects and transmits the information to the worldwide web for viewing using tablets, smart-phones, laptops etc.


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Range Overview

Lumi-LinQ Gateway • Monitors and controls up to 250 Lumi-LinQ luminaires (more gateways can be fitted on large installations)

• Transmits Lumi-LinQ energy performance and lighting status reports to the Lumi-LinQ web server

• Controls emergency lighting testing dates/times

• Controls external lighting switching times

Lumi-LinQ Programmer • Used for commissioning

• Simple and fast setting of operational parameters from ground level

• Protective silicone sleeve

• Laser pointer for accurate alignment

• Supplied with batteries fitted

Lumi-LinQ External Stand Alone Sensor • For areas where presence detection is required but a Lumi-LinQ luminaire is not conveniently situated e.g. escape exits etc.