March 22, 2024 Products

New Product – From little acorns grow the mighty Oaken

Written by kirsty

It is with great excitement that TRT Lighting officially announces the launch of its revolutionary amenity and street light, the Oaken!  With an ‘excellent’ TM66 product circularity score – the Oaken has achieved the highest level.

Combining innovative technology and environmentally conscious design, the Oaken is set to lead the way in sustainable amenity and street lighting solutions.

Groundbreaking Sustainability: The Oaken redefines sustainability in street lighting, minimising the carbon footprint throughout its entire lifecycle, from construction to end-of-life disposal.

Circular Design: The Oaken stands out for its commitment to circular design, each component meticulously crafted for disassembly and recyclability, ensuring materials can be efficiently recycled and repurposed at the end of its life.

Engineered for Environmental Responsibility: Designed with environmental responsibility in mind, the Oaken’s components are carefully chosen for minimal ecological impact, setting new benchmarks for sustainability in amenity and street lighting construction.

Key Components:

European Oak Housing

100% Post-Industrial Recycled Polycarbonate Gear Enclosure

Super Efficient Driver

Gear Tray Made From >90% Recycled Aluminium Components

Highly Efficient PMMA & PC Lens Options

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Learn more about TM66 and the LIA Assurance Scheme: TM66 Assured – Lighting Industry Association Ltd (

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