April 22, 2024 Achievements, Products

Industry leading TM66 score

Written by kirsty

To coincide with Earth Day, we celebrate our commitment to sustainability and innovation, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the lighting industry.

TRT Lighting is incredibly proud to announce that the new Oaken streetlight has achieved TM66 Assured product verification with a remarkable and industry leading score of 3.1.

What makes this achievement even more special is that the verified score of 3.1 is the HIGHEST PUBLISHED SCORE for any luminaire under the esteemed LIA/CIBSE certification scheme TSD-012, showcasing the lanterns excellent product circularity.

Link to official LIA TM66 register – https://www.lialabcert.org.uk/certificate/393

Having set a new standard of excellence in sustainability within the lighting industry, this score not only demonstrates TRTs dedication to environmental responsibility but also underscores our relentless pursuit of excellence in product design, performance, sustainability and circularity.

From the inception of the development, the Oaken has been designed and engineered to redefine the benchmarks of sustainability. Crafted with commitment to environmental responsibility, each component has been carefully selected to ensure minimal ecological impact throughout its life.

This recognition not only validates our efforts but also serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing achievement.


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