January 31, 2023 Achievements

Positive packaging

Written by superadmin

Sometimes it’s the ‘simple’ things that make all the difference. Here’s one example – we have recently changed the edge protectors used with our cartons from a plastic solution to a 100% recycled paper solution. Not only are paper edge protectors more environmentally friendly, by using recycled paper as opposed to virgin paper, but we’re also making additional carbon (CO₂e) savings. Take a look at the stats below!

Virgin Fibre vs. Recycled
1 ton virgin fibre paper 1 ton 100% recycled paper Environmental Savings from Recycled Content
Trees 24 trees 0 trees 100%
Energy 33m BTUs 22m BTUs 33%
Greenhouse gases released – CO₂e equivalent 2540 kg 1602 kg 37%
Wastewater 22,853 gallons 11,635 49%
Solid waste 871 kg 531 kg 39%

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