TRT Lighting Ltd (Thorlux Road and Tunnel Lighting) is one of eight companies within the FW Thorpe Plc group, and evolved from parent company Thorlux Lighting. Building on more than 80 years of experience, TRT designs, manufactures and supplies energy efficient, environmentally friendly performance lighting products for the road, tunnel and exterior lighting markets.

LED lighting solutions bring another dimension to how roads, tunnels and general exterior spaces are illuminated. At TRT, our ability to understand and adapt to our customers’ needs ensures that we develop products that are technically and mechanically sound and provide energy efficient, long lasting lighting solutions with excellent returns on investment.

All luminaires produced by TRT are rigorously tested to all relevant global and regional standards using our own in-house testing facilities

We are proud to manufacture our products in the UK.

Company Logos

At TRT, we supply luminaires to the road, tunnel and exterior lighting markets that deliver an abundance of key features and benefits to both the customer and of course the general public. Light efficiency and control are two of our main areas of focus when designing and developing our products. All luminaires from TRT have long projected lifetimes, even when exposed to the rigorous physical demands of both external and road tunnel environments, and incorporate a number of unique mechanical and technical features, purposely developed to aid installation, maintenance and the ongoing through life costs.

Our products not only provide the potential to significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs for our customers but also, especially when considered with our accredited Carbon Offsetting Program, minimise the environmental impact that the manufacture and supply of the lighting products can have.

We are committed to on-going sustainability targets with product longevity therefore being a key consideration in all that we do.

The Thorlux and FW Thorpe Plc names are synonymous with quality all across the world and this is reinforced by The Group having a major UK export customer base, representation and capabilities, supplying luminaires and control systems to over 60 countries worldwide.

Almost twenty-five years ago saw the first installation of Thorlux tunnel luminaires in the high ambient, arduous environment of Hong Kong. With over twenty thousand standard units successfully installed across six tunnels, this major overseas project success then created the springboard for more projects, all requiring specific product developments. By 2005, every tunnel luminaire supplied on a project contained some level of electronics and, when integrated with an electronic control system, offered enhanced operability and/or automation.

Building on this experience, and continuing the desire to embrace new technologies, TRT Lighting evolved from Thorlux in 2012 as the specific road and tunnel lighting specialist division of the Group with a core focus of developing lighting products for roads and tunnels using only LED technology.

With hundreds of thousands of LED street lighting products now installed across the UK road network and numerous, fully automated tunnel lighting systems complete, TRT has now expanded on its Export horizons with representation in Ireland, Norway, Germany, The United Arab Emirates and Australia.