Road Projects

Birmingham Airport

To complement the interior lighting upgrades (recently converted to LED) Birmingham Airport has now commenced its site wide external lighting replacement, again adopting LED technology.

Urban Centres

The Aspect range of lanterns can provide excellent uniformity & illumination levels to suit the busiest of Urban Centres when considering the full range of road users and public walkway areas. Excellent glare control and good vertical illuminance provided by the Aspect lanterns perfectly suits the needs of modern day CCTV.

Residential Roads

Aspect lanterns offer multiple wattage and optical options to suit residential roads of all types. The flexible mounting system and low weight of the Aspect and Aspect Eco facilitate easy one for one replacement of existing schemes with minimal disruption. 4000K colour temperature LEDs and low glare optics provide excellent visual comfort and enhances facial recognition.

Traffic Routes – HID replacement

Aspect lanterns offer significant maintenance & energy savings when replacing HID lanterns. The Aspect range provides excellent uniformity and low glare with a choice of wattages and optical distributions to suit the design requirements. Aspect lanterns are designed to also enable further savings with the use of pre-programmed dimming or CMS.

Conflict Areas

Aspect lanterns offer both excellent horizontal uniformity and vertical illuminance which is of particular benefit in ensuring the visibility of hazards in conflict areas. The specific optic maintains effective glare control thus enhancing driver comfort and visual acuity.

Zebra and Pedestrian Crossings

Aspect 2 & Aspect 3 are available with optics specifically designed to light Zebra and Pedestrian Crossings to TR12 standard. Using 5700K LEDs, this bespoke range of products gives a clear contrast against general road lighting which uses either 4000K LEDs or HID sources.

Traffic Routes – SOX replacement

Aspect lanterns offer significant maintenance & energy savings when replacing SOX lanterns through a considerable reduction in light spill and pollution whilst maintaining good vertical illuminance and low glare.

Tunnel Projects

A107 Blackwall Tunnel

The linear fluorescent line lighting installation combined with high output sodium based boost lighting provides an economical and CO2 friendly lighting installation underneath the River Thames.

A12 Eastway Tunnel

The Eastway tunnel is a 290m long structure on the A12 – one of the main trunk roads into London. The original lighting consisted of cornice mounted twin 58W fluorescent luminaires for the night and basic day lighting, interspaced with 250W and 400W HPS luminaires for the boost lighting. Lighting control was via a photometer and contactor based system.

A301 The Strand Tunnel

A totally bespoke LED tunnel lighting system comprising Verso light engines, dedicated gear enclosures and fire resistant stainless steel mounting plates have been installed in The Strand Tunnel in London thus reiterating the dynamic approach of TRT to meet our client needs.

A4 Piccadilly Tunnel

As part of the City of Westminster road tunnel refurbishment programme, the TRT Verso LED tunnel luminaire has brought a new lease of life to the Piccadilly Tunnel in London by providing a crisp, white light LED solution whilst also improving driver visibility and safety.

A40 Hanger Lane Tunnel

Hanger Lane tunnel situated under the Hanger Lane gyratory consists of a 240m twin bore tunnel consisting of 2 lanes in each tube. The tunnel was built in 1960 and takes in excess of 22 million vehicles per year and is a major route in and out of London.

A406 Fore Street Tunnel

In line with the Transport for London (TfL) philosophy of installing LED lighting on all roads and in all tunnels, the A406 Fore Street tunnel refurbishment project is currently being supplied with TRT Verso luminaires which interfaces with a dedicated lighting control system.

Cattle Market Road

Cattle Market Road underpass in Bristol is just over 100m long and consists of a pedestrian footpath, a cycle path and a separate roadway.

A full linear end to end white light LED solution was specified and TRT supplied the Verso luminaires tailoring the running current to ensure that the structure was not over lit whilst achieving good uniformity levels.

Cheung Tsing Tunnel, Hong Kong

Our first major overseas tunnel project was installed in Hong Kong almost 18 years ago and to this day still provides a highly reliable, performance driven and low maintenance lighting solution.

M25 Bell Common Tunnel

Being the first UK motorway tunnel to be lit using Scanlight, this pioneering dimmable lighting system continues to provide extensive running cost savings and environmental benefits.

M25/M20 Tunnel

The first road tunnel on the UK motorway network to incorporate LED interior and Boost lighting has adopted the TRT Verso lighting system for maximum visual comfort, energy savings and reduced maintenance. A fully automatic lighting control system seamlessly operates the luminaires day and night.

Western Harbour Tunnel, Hong Kong

With over 5000 luminaires installed in this dual bore tunnel, our lighting system links the Central Business District of Hong Kong with Kowloon across the Victoria Harbour.

Amenity Lighting

Birmingham Snow Hill Station

Lending itself perfectly to railway platform illumination, the Aspect range has been successfully installed on the external platform areas. Bespoke solutions were also designed in to the scheme by way of integral maintained emergency operation of the luminaires.

Stansted Airport Railway Station

Working with our parent company Thorlux Lighting, TRT Lighting designed and delivered bespoke lighting solutions to Stansted Airport providing highly uniform, crisp white light across the concourse and platform areas of the Station.

Wick Harbour

A true test of the durability of the Aspect. Being installed on and around the jetty area of the harbour, this installation is in one of the more arduous environments. Precise optical control is providing illumination to the deck area whilst minimising spill light both vertically and horizontally.