Crossafe Mid

The CROSSAFE MID is an LED illuminated pedestrian crossing post that has a beacon situated mid-way and allows the installation of a street light on the top. As a result of the crossing and street lighting posts sharing a base, street congestion is reduced.

Comprising of a purpose designed extra low voltage LED lighting unit and driver with built-in beacon synchronised flash circuitry (flash rate 40 flashes per minute). A two-piece, tough UV-stabilized beacon globe that complies with BS8442:2022 is designed to fit around the post at the top of the white band section (standard or high visibility beacon are available).

CROSSAFE MID is supplied with a secure infrared remote handset, which is used to adjust the brightness of the high visibility arrays from street level, without having to access the beacon. (7 dimming levels are available).

Adjustable white band brightness, using a secret magnetic switch, provides enhanced daytime visibility which automatically dims at night.

Compatible with: ZEBSTAR or ZEBSTAR+ beacons and ASPECT ZEBRA or OPTIO MIDI ZEBRA street lights.


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  • IP65 ingress protection
  • High efficiency LEDs light source
  • Synchronised flash
  • 24V power source
  • Pre-wired with 5m lead
  • Vandal resistant