Crossafe Converter

A quick high performance LED lighting upgrade, the CROSSAFE CONVERTER is designed to convert a traditional profiled illuminated post. The upgrade takes less than 30 minutes and requires no groundworks or electrical disconnection, reducing installation time and costs.

The aluminium post has high intensity prismatic reflective white bands and has IP65 sealing to lighting elements.

The CROSSAFE CONVERTER has separate front and back lighting circuits which allows the daytime brightness to be independently adjusted using a secret magnetic switch (making the crossing visible to drivers even in bright sunlight). Intelligent photocell control provides staged dimming to suit ambient lighting conditions. Automatic night-time dimming ensures that pedestrians are not masked by the post’s illumination.

Supplied complete with 24V power supply.

Compatible with: ZEBSTAR or ZEBSTAR+ beacons.


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  • IP65 ingress protection
  • High efficiency LEDs light source
  • Synchronised flash
  • 24V power source
  • Pre-wired with 5m lead
  • Vandal resistant