From Concept to Handover

At TRT, we believe in a "spend to save" philosophy. TRT's in-house lighting engineers can generate detailed proposals for a number of different light sources to fully evaluate the effectiveness of each solution. Detailed analysis of costs, performance and the associated environmental credentials allows our customers to make the correct choices.

From initial site surveys right through to project handover and beyond, TRT provides a quality service and delivers reliable and technically advanced lighting systems. In addition to lighting design proposals, our engineers provide full technical support and operations and maintenance documentation. The TRT team is always on hand to advise on technical or commercial issues that may arise at any point before, during or after installation.


On-site Assistance

At TRT, we use tried and tested design and development techniques to provide luminaires for roads and road tunnels that deliver the same key features and benefits. Our luminaires have long lifetimes even when exposed to the rigorous physical demands of road tunnels. Incorporating unique mechanical and technical features, our products provide the potential to significantly reduce maintenance costs, energy use and environmental impacts.

We are committed to on-going sustainability targets. Product longevity is therefore a key consideration.

TRT Testing

Cost Modelling

At TRT we can generate total "life costing" models with high levels of accuracy by evaluating each road or tunnel project in terms of the design criteria, luminaire choice, performance and the associated on-going cost impact of maintenance and road closures. Graphical analysis and comparison tables provide a quick reference for the choices available in a project. We can then tailor variables to create a realistic total cost of ownership specific to each road or tunnel project.

Costing Graph